Princier listened to all my requests

I’m already preparing a plan at our crossroads. If Ferrari is closed, I return to the station on the spot and go to Nice.

OPEN. Rafts taken away. Fair closed. Harbor Avenue full.

This is where bread was broken today. The public part of Le Metrople with N. I pass through the catacombs (always with a sense of pride) to the secret part – the secret garage of the hotel. There Porsche without Lp. Nothing in the back either. US format pad only. I take the service elevator to -1 Magasin. The Italians bought a Ristretto from the huge selection of capsules in the Nescafe machine at the port. Even I, a complete layman, can recognize that it is the best without competition. I return to the Mirabeu bend, sit on a flower pot in the middle of the intersection and think. No one is allowed there (except me). So the hotel porter took it there along the public street. Without Lp. I can’t think of it. Maybe the owner told him to take it off and throw it inside. I finish my drink and go down again. Still in the public part. Blue miracle.Where did this come from? I didn’t see it the first time I visited? Or did it arrive in the few minutes before I brought the coffee out? I stop from about 10 meters away – this smells like the Caribbean! …I walk into the non-public part to the Porsche. Tinted glasses. You can’t see inside at all. One more time from the back if there is no inscription on the mat. and only after many seconds the letters and numbers appear. The photo is much brighter than reality.

Circle all over MC. First to the east, then all the way to the west and back to the harbor. Coffee. Neither day nor evening. Magic mood.
School has started. Probably only the state ones. Mom bought a pizza. Sometimes it’s usually beautiful here.

It’s before midnight, the last view from the balcony. Suspicious luxury caravan under the windows. In shorts and a t-shirt (today I’ll sleep by an open window), I’m going to see for myself. What I would give for a whole year in Prague.

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