In the sea spa

Sea, air, pleasant environment, peace.

Contemplation on a flowerpot at Mirabeau Bend. My number one from the circuit. Once every few years someone tries to overtake and it ends in a mass crash. There are barriers during the race. And being a marshal is worth it. Because of the first round. When everything comes crashing down here to Mirabeau. Even thinking about it sent shivers down my spine.

The flow of Italian visitors did not end. On the contrary, it is getting stronger every day. Today a fully packed train arrived from I to Menton. It’s only now that it’s really started in Italy. Already the 20th day off, everything closed. I can imagine the family’s morning conversation. “What are we going to do today? We’re going to be at home. What at home? We’re going to MC. We’ve been there four times already. So we’re going to be at home. No, no, we’re going for the fifth time.” Even the group asked me for directions. So, in return, I asked when the holidays would end in I. The only thing I noticed from the developed sentence was “sei”. That is, until 6. Then, of course, Saturday and Sunday follow. But in I they will catch up. Once we took the train from Brennero an hour late and arrived in Bologna exactly on time. Italy is a land of miracles. I hated everything in MC the day before yesterday. Since yesterday, I like to see Italian visitors again. Today, Italian has mastered MC almost 100%. Nothing else was heard.

By the way, the Italians take it a bit like their own. A few centuries ago, the Grimaldi set out from Genoa to the west to look for something new. Well, they overcame the fortress on the rock of Monaco by trickery. Well, it still belongs to their descendants today. Although over time they became much more attached to France.

Downstairs, the circus is completely over. Upstairs they still left it without Wham etc. and disco lights. When it cost so much money.


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