Communism and populism ruled Monaco today

Same scenario for 15 days now. Everything closed (mainly car shops and repair shops, port…) and streams of tourists from Italy. How I was looking forward to leaving the station today and Ferrari will already be open. How do I stop, what new have they brought in for repair. Crass doors. Empty streets. Not did anyone clear the barriers after the fireworks. Today is a public holiday again. But heavy, massive. Buses run even less than on Sundays.Why? I alternately feel anger and hopelessness. How will the New Year be again? It’s like going to the movies and after the movie ends they don’t even turn on the lights and open the door and start it again. Atmosphere like in a small, remote town in eastern Bohemia. Everything removed – nothing new, of course new. I finish at 15. I don’t want this. I don’t want Jingle Bells anymore, I don’t want Italians anymore, which I liked yesterday.

And that started the day so nicely. At the crossroads near us in Menton. 50m from the house. Right after F and I, even before UA – RSM. In MC, I at least try to take the bus to garages where I don’t want to go by bike. But the anger does not subside. Only after 15. I get off at the station before Menton. The sea has a nice color today. Such a sea. The Azur is sometimes unbelievable and unbelievable. So I’ll stay here today. Even along the path of RSM II. I could only dream about that in MC. And I’ll take a good look at it here in the evening.

So it’s time to look back at the year 2022. A total of 87 states appeared. So an increase of 3 states. The record is 91 from 2019. Above all, the whole of East Asia is missing. And that’s where PRG was strong. Moscow-Prague, no one missed it. It won’t come back until the war (and covid) is over.
The incredible Prague Spring played a significant role in the good balance of 22. IL had an amazing fate. A state that I would not have expected at all. Alessio calls. Lukáš Hron put Israel on his twitter. So I called the photographer’s LH. Well, he forgot about me. I guess he was sorry. Because not long ago we met in Panská street, she stood. He went to check it out. Both of us have already found nothing but emptiness.
Alessio networks phenomenon the other day. The boys saw it at Don Giovanni. He just confirmed securities there. He stayed with us for 2 nights and left.
A month passed, it was Sunday, when I took always the car out and drove around the outskirts of Prague, shopping centers, and drove to the highway parking lot. And the phone. LH : IL stands at Airport 3/ East.
So I just turned at a nearby intersection and was standing next to her in 5 minutes.
Unreal. That Lukáš discovered it twice!!!

I will also point out how terrible Monaco was today. Here in Menton, the first morning view from the balcony was so hopeful. The platoon already liquidated those reindeer sleds, etc. And then the MC. In full armor, with all that Christmas music. I really don’t want Lennon’s Christmas (as I used to love him) and Wham Christmas (as I used to love them) anymore. Go with it to … I want to see how they bring in new ships, if Liberia has not arrived at the Mercedes center. Of course, the Monacans don’t care at all. At Nice-CdA, every fifth car is an MC. What is happening here is stolen from them.
And one more huge compliment to France. I probably admire her most for her organization. These are the last adventures in this world: the Tour de France and the Dakar Rally. But here is Radio Nostalgie. Well, it really isn’t anywhere else. Not at all in CZ. Beautiful music, endless flow, always different, especially the 80s. Yes, I have it on VHS tapes that are no longer playable. Yes, I can play it on Youtube. But I forgot a lot. I suddenly hear them here!

U2 are playing right now. I completely forgot about that thing from them. Sensational. Bono has a cottage by the sea here in Eze. It will definitely be the one with a small island with a bridge to it.


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