Biggest pleasure today: Boulangerie.

From the Nice-Ville station right to Raissins and good coffee. A little moment of happiness.

First TN and N this week. IR came to play for me. Pleasant. But I have Nostalgia at home.
I read as California. Colorado in the picture and Atlanta at the end. ???

GBG, GBM from Nice-CdA should have followed here. There are no GBs either. About 2 forgotten. Well, at least what was nice along the way. I hope they didn’t make an aquarium in Sheraton like in Berlin. How they broke recently.

38 countries. MC yesterday 35.

The Toyota Cup (Dakar 2023) is over. Fifth in a row Nasser Al Attyah winner. Toyota 1., 3.-5. 2nd place hero Sebastian Loeb. Great success CZ Martin Prokop (Ford) 6. We haven’t heard about the 4 factory team Audi with the biggest budget since the 3rd stage. Toyota took their Hilux, added a few HP. How simple it is.

Woche mit 49 (+1) Länder. Wieder nicht DK. Sehr gut Yugoslavia. Auch mit BIH,MK,MNE.

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