Saturdays are bad here

I had two matters in Menton this morning. So I didn’t plan anything. Maybe the MC will surprise. It wasn’t surprising.

Traditional scenario. After 15, it pulls away and everything fades into nothingness. And emptiness.

How empty it was in the evening, see photo. Everywhere. Only in the harbor by the market was something going on. But many states. Not far from 40.

The Fairmont corner filled up again today. I had to remember the Italian fan who ended up under the wheels of CZ Aleš Loprais on the Dakar this week.He stood behind the dune, waiting for the jump. The truck did not head straight up, but the video shows how the sand pulls it down into a longer trajectory. Loprais was in 1st place overall. Albeit in the absence of RUS Kamaz, which traditionally wins.
Let’s remember one of us and be careful.

Our Loprais spares nothing. This is how he turned out in the previous year.

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