Only catches were missing

Lively traffic, 39 countries, that’s a tour MC balanced record. Carspotters straight up. Only a proper Lp was missing.

First N and BIH/week.

The guy with the Enzo Ferrari is the most mysterious character in the entire MC to me. I saw him in the Scuderia with fantastic models from the 60s of unfathomable prices. I met him at the Technical Inspection, where he arrived with the then completely premium novelty Ferrari La Ferrari. I also saw him behind the wheel of a truck when the circus in Fontvieille was being liquidated after the festival. At that time, he wore the kind of jacke that homeless people like everywhere. With lots of patches (NASA, USA, eagles etc.). Now he has a new girlfriend, he’s been to the hairdresser and his clothes are a class better.  I see now. His girlfriend’s leg. For dinner at the Hotel de Paris. Sportshoes for 50 €. Sometimes I feel like taking pictures of just the shoes. What gems from Laboutin, Choo, etc. are they walking around with. And something else. The portiers let him park alone. No one has ever received such an honor. So I wonder who it is.

Madness will break out tomorrow. All those fans from the mountains will come down to the MC. I’ll just be at the market. It will all go around. Those expeditions from CZ and the winners up at the Place for the awarding of prizes. Even the Princier will drive by.

Yes, everything would be easier if I could talk to all the organizers and fans in fluent French. I would be top informed about everything. And who is the man who often uses the word merde. I don’t know how, but I know what it is.
On the other hand, I’m glad to be behind a glass partition from the world beyond. In front of the vile CZ, where people are arrested for their opinion, etc. I don’t want to go back to that world after Monaco border at all.

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