Incident at our crossing

The African in that tribal robe couldn’t stand that the Tesla stopped a few centimeters in the transition. And he went to punish the driver properly. He just drove to the edge and a real wrestler got out of the car. Well, some soft attacks fell. The African-European man crawled into the waiting room and Tesla left. Immediately the police arrived. They obviously didn’t want to solve something. After a while they left.

Now I will still go to MC, without my bike. To welcome the heroes after today’s long fight.

No men with waps were waiting. The cars came back relatively clean. Or showering 3m from the sea is not suitable? Ogier/Toyota leads after the first day.

They forced a flag on me at Hyundai. So at the station I looked like I was coming back from the Col de Turini. And that I didn’t know if I had warm soup, which I took with me, to eat or pour into my boots. As Clarkson taunts Rallye fans.                                                  Finally, the TV is at least good for something.

This is how it was washed last year. In the difficult covid time, it watched about 5 of us. Today, the increase in viewers is 1000% and there is no washing.

Just last year there was an Italian fan. He had the best Samsung and we compared photos. When he remembered something, he looked back. Rally, rally, a million rally pictures. He had just arrived from the Col de Turini.

The penultimate photo is from 2015. The last one from now.

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