The Italians got rid of me dejection

Tradition. I am the first to welcome the RMC winners. At the crosswalk by pressing the pedestrian button.

The winner Ogier passes even though the red light is already on. (last pic). I left the squeezing to a bubbly Argentinian who was more confident that cars would stop to take a selfie with him.

This time the shower is right at the entrance to the port. From the beautiful French until my knees gave out, I got the Red Bull, green, winter edition.

The rally is over. I’m overcome with dejection..

No way, I was wrong. The race continues at the Italian-directed Fairmont corner. Absolutely contagious enthusiasm. In no other country could Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Lancia, De Tomaso, Maserati…develop.


From the peaceful return from the Place is the Col de Turini II. He didn’t present the prizes to the Princier, but sent the princess sister MC03. It must be bad there. A man sends his sister to a car race.

A sovereign victory for Toyota. Ogier is the winner again after a year. Wow, it was a fight last year as Loeb took the lead in the last SS. A huge organization. Huge costs. Sponsored by Le Casino. So who knows what percentage of the annual profit the rally cost?
Calm, without snow, accidents, dramas.
Unforgettable autograph signing on the first night!!!

Komplett MC Woche besser als erwartet 47 (-2). 

Menton 22.45
Truck from rallye here. From one side of the sea. From the second railway with bridges 3m. Even the buses got stuck. In the direction of Italy, just beyond the border tunnel. Old tunnel. I never even saw a bus there. Crazy situation. So I ran down to help. Also, that he went towards the sea. I probably wouldn’t be very valid. I would only advise. Back on the narrow crazy road to MC and look at the itinerary. Certainly the MC autoklub stated it all.

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