Cannes new ruler CdA

Somehow inconspicuously, 44 states gathered today. This is the best result so far at CdA. Sometime 4 years ago it was 42. And the second best daily result ever.

First GBM stopped running, then GBZ disappeared and now we are without GBG. On the contrary, an incredible year for the GBA. That will be the order this year as well.

Good ground control CdA. The USA was already discovered in 3rd place.

From the headlights for a split second. White numbers, black background. GBG! NoTN. Quiet traffic all day, then total collapse in the evening. In a side street on the way to the station…


Woche 49 (+1). 5 Tage nichts (fast) ,dann rallye.

Of course, the memory of January 1, 2021 was present throughout the day.

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