At least we will search

Casino everyone knows where it is in MC. But prison few. It’s MC. So the nicest prison in the world. Sea views.                                                                                                                        Selfie at crazy NL export.

I met a Mercedes Classic 10-P1-2 in the evening rush hour. Madam about 30, beautiful blonde with about 5 year old daughter. The window is closed on her side, 10 cm open on the passenger side. Darkness, they had fun together. I walked beside them as they drove, wondering if now was a good time to bother someone in the dark. It could be the last attempt.
But the sticker on the windshield. I know her! For one state, I have it on the blog as a detail. Unfortunately not on the phone. I don’t know where to look among thousands.
Gray, blue small font, many lines. It could also be something with the export of that car.
So if anyone knows this – thanks in advance for the tip!

The rest of the week will hopefully be better. They already started yesterday from Oslo. He is leaving London at this very moment. Tomorrow is the start in Bad Homburg, Reims and Torino. Direction Monaco. Like in the (good) old days. Rallye Monte Carlo historique 2023 begins.

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