I taking time out from her hectic tour

For now, my thoughts are still on Dakar. It was unique. But what about in KSA? No other motorsport has so many factory teams. It will probably be a fight again between Nassir Al Atyah (Toyota GR) and Sebastian Loeb (Bahrain BRX).

It will take a while to get the hang of normal traffic. But it’s probably over for this year.

Citroën – the most French of French cars. So for now I’m settling in, I’ll go out again one day.

I used to watch quite a bit of football. But from the time when they have to kneel in honor … The definitive end was then when D started in rainbow jerseys. What will be next? Perhaps this is sport and not propaganda. I also didn’t like the attacks on Qatar one bit.
So I just look at the results. Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland. I symbolically celebrate with millions of fans in NL, UK, F, I, PL, H…Glory to Japan!


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