Gluttony destroyed Avenue Princess Grace

The many tens of meters of tsunami wall is nearing completion. Av. Princesse Grace was open to the sea on one side and a tall luxurious palace on the other. Now they have lost hundreds of apartments overlooking the sea. The magic is gone. It was built for perhaps ten years. From the deep sea. How much would an apartment have to cost to not make a loss? And who will buy them now that the Russians have left? I think the F1 pilots and tennis players have already escaped. At the end of the Avenue, on the other hand, they put a mega-building in the crack on the other side. From it, they will look at Roccabelle Palace, where Ringo, Häkinnen, Hamilton, etc. lived, from a few meters away.
All that magic that never stopped working is gone. That used to be the day’s highligts- coming out of the tunnel and onto Avenue Pricess Grace.
I’ll come back to it with more pictures.

At 15 I went to MC. It looked hopeless, but the final garage scored points.
Hopeless, but this year’s decoration of the Place du Casino. MC must be feeling bad. Last year there was a clear trace of the architect. This year, it’s as if they went to Menton to see deer, bears, hares (some are bigger than bears) and said to themselves – oh boy, we have to have that too. Otherwise, the square is full of UA, the garage below it is also full of UA. Not only in PRG, GE also here the most numerous UA state. RUS 4, 2 orig., 2 trans.
There are no debates or criticisms in MC. Perhaps among good acquaintances behind closed curtains.

(50528 -N)

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