Previous President Klaus: Česko is falling apart

Václav Klaus, Prime Minister in 1993. Yes, he was the one who peacefully divided Czechoslovakia with his Slovak counterpart. It was completely unimaginable that even if Slovakia left without an agreement, that Prague would send tanks there.
Different region, different manners. At least we have the protests left. This is a cleansing bath.

For the whole 30 years, we were ruled more or less by Czech governments. But all of a sudden they were guided by common sense. All the ravings of political correctness, welcoming refugees, genderism, BLM, eco-fanaticism, etc. were more like a flavor of what might be happening elsewhere. After last year’s elections, when by an incredible coincidence a conglomerate of various parties came to power (even if it received a million votes less than the current opposition), the floodgates opened. It’s like a broken dam, which is now pouring into Bohemia.
On the way to Kavčí hory, I stopped at a pub near the football stadium for a hot drink. Regulars welcomed the young man back from CDN. And why did you come back? Well, bad government, it’s all kind of weird.
As I understood him. Trudeau. Or what’s his name. Masses are fleeing the USA and CDN. Unfortunately, it has already started here too…

Woche 44 (-3). Ohne EST,GR,GE. Und ohne Fahrrad.

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