Downpour, wind, 4° C. I’m coming to our I.P. Pavlova. About a third of the way through. Kazakhstan KZ. I’m moving under the bridge at the Congress Center (Vyšehrad). TV and leading photographers await the arrival of the march. The police don’t let you up on the bridge. It wasn’t just me who thought of it.

Heroes, patriots, the elite of the country have already climbed more than 3 km. Many are already soaked.

Many tens of minutes pass in the direction of Czech Television, Kavčí Hory.

We join at the end. It’s not every year that you get to walk along Prague’s busiest street Severojižní magistrála.

We leave the magistrála at Náměstí Hrdinů. Traffic in Prague collapsed.The weather is absolutely horrible. It’s even more windy up here in the Kavčích horách (Jackdowns mountain).

A few proud giants in a nation of comfortable cowards. The anger from what our television shows us finally finds an addressee. Čt is certainly American, Brussels, German, massively Ukrainian, but Czech?!?!?!

The organizer of the march, the soul and brain of the project “CZ in the first place,”an extremely pleasant and empathetic man Ladislav Vrábel through the lens of the professional photographer idnes.cz.

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