Even the north is not what it used to be

There could have been more. But the warm stuffiness drove me away. AND.

The participants of the Artic Race of Norway were returning all day. This is my friend Štěpka and my absolutely iconic cycling race. The flag on the NL trucks is Groningen.

On the way to the hotel. CDN from yesterday.

Back after 19. Surprisingly, a few more states, e.g. MC. Tracker romance lifts my spirits. At least a few minutes of happiness in the whole day.

NL aunt broadcast live from port to grandchild’s home. She thought the ship was just coming. I say, the cars will go. And when? Now. So someone was even more happy than me. And they have Rotterdamm! Too bad the Dutch don’t speak German. Although everyone can. A very capable nation. I admire and laugh. So we are halfway from NL to UA.

42 (-3) Länder vorige Woche. Und das hat noch Sonntag 3 Punkten gerettet. CDN, MC u. IS.

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