What do our experts say? Right hands drive car.

After a week of misery, the grand finale.

Island IS, Monaco MC

Evening part, first seconds. Canada CDN. To be sure, I’m aiming for all the bikes that are at least a little worn out. They stopped around the corner. Even if not, I had it. But by 5 cm.

UK/US. On the front in the US colors of California. Back this one. USA oval on the roof. UK next to Lp. And last bikes for today.


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2 Responses to Malaysia?

  1. raphael says:

    In Malaysia the 1st letter is for the region but Z is not used. Z is only used for army but not the combination ZG.
    For me, it looks like a lot to IRL Historic but it should be ZV instead of ZG…
    Maybe CH remade.
    In UK, ZG8 is unknown.

    • materazzi says:

      I thought about CH too. But I never saw anything like that there. Never any folk creativity. In addition, right-hand drive. The female passenger on the MAL looks pretty. I was also thinking about GB. And if it didn’t, I was convinced of MAL.
      Thanks anyway.
      P.S.: Number 8 etc. only have taxis in CH. Why? I don’t know.
      And what Brunei?

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