World tours start: Argentina

Argentina RA, 3 years Premiere as 80th states 2022. Non rallye car 9years.

In 1993, Czechoslovakia was in the same situation as the UA today. The representatives of the Czech Republic and Slovakia agreed on a division according to where the Czechs lived and where the Slovaks lived. Believe it or not, there were no word strikes. Everything in peace and quiet. Today, relationships are perfect.
Couldn’t those of Kiev have imitated us at least a little bit?

Christian Horner,UK, commander, strategist and brain of the Red Bull team. This is the real winner of the Monaco GP 2022.

“A to je ta krásná země ,země česká, domov můj.” And this is the beautiful country, the Czech land, my home. (from the Czech national anthem ).There are times in the life of the country when it will be necessary to raise your voice.


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