Long-term trend: useless weekends


Kadyrov wants to attack PL.                                                                                                     Reading the EU media would give the impression that removing Putin would solve everything. Does he believe that his successor will be someone like Frans Timmermans or Amalene Baerbock? Russia has always had dictators. Tsars, Lenin, Georgian Stalin, Ukrainian Brezhnev.
I think only one person clearly said about the succession – Ramsan Kadyrov. This is how they will remember Putin in Brussels (maybe even PL).

Big surprise at GP Monaco. After many, many months, Princess Charlene appeared in public. At the time, there was talk of her permanent relocation to Geneva. The media writes: the prince has not looked so happy for a long time. I can confirm from personal observation.

To the right of the princely couple Michel Boeri, president of the Autoclub de Monaco.

Diese Woche 48 (+-0). Kein MNE. Wieder schon am Mi. 45. Dann nichts. Entschuldigung IR!

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