Nobody here knows about the war

Perhaps only RUS and UA (all exclusively luxury cars) is more than ever, the increase in UA is huge.
No fugitive has arrived by train yet. From one end of CH to the other (GE), a ticket costs more than 100 ChF. It will quite exhaust such a family. They probably also know how much everything costs here. E.g. city daily tax costs 2-3 € everywhere in hotels. Here 7.

Not Monaco. Here in Geneva, it’s really expensive. Hotels are so crowded that they raise prices every three days. The best ones already have a proud from 4000 / night. The Swiss understand money. It will not be expensive in the EU. The new liberal green left (CDU, SPD, Macron, Johnson etc.) will order to heat at 15º C and drive once every ten days (according to the first number on Lp). And people will still applaud and send consensual petitions. They will save the planet. And the sun will do whatever it wants. Maybe a new ice age. The whole of history is imbued with fanaticism and the liquidation of skeptics. We’re up to our ears again. Only in CH and MC you will be able to go and enjoy freedom. But he will have money for the top 1%.


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