A large number of states

Gibraltar, UAE…                                                                                                                           

Today another 6 states to the weekly evaluation: UAE, MD, BIH, AL, TR, GBG (the well-known 0770). BY, MNE,IRL, N, FIN and especially SLO are still missing.

I know there are demonstrations at Nations. Today, for the first time, I went there to see it on purpose. They were 3rd. It’s a pity they don’t even have cars. Today Palestine, Bangladesh ,Pakistan… that would please. In any case, one learns where dissatisfaction is everywhere.

IL, TR, CHN, etc. are volunteering for the RUS-UA conflict peace talks. Bet that if that happens at all, it’ll be here. At the Intercontinental Hotel. So far, all wars have ended here. They have the know-how and background for such negotiations. But if you don’t talk to your opponent, you set him apart, irritate him, etc … then he ends up with those shootings in schools.

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