Alderney- 7 years of waiting

Isle of Alderney GBA, 7 years Premiere, no St.Malo Premiere                                                 

This is Switzerland! In Prague, there is a robbery of the watchmaking every year. The watch is stolen several times. And nothing. This is where the thieves ended up near the store.                                                                                                                                                     The last robbery in Prague. Hublot, December 2021. A man in such a hat as is worn in Ukraine. Our co-worker Alessio works nearby.

I made a discovery from the French Riviera-Foret noir. There full of Piedmont cherries – F.n. today just an ordinary cake here. Vive la France. Vive Marine Le Pen. No weapons for Ukraine. The end of war. Peace.

They must like it here. As I read the highest mountain they have 80m high. And here from Geneva he sees Mont Blanc!

Third GBA, third VW. Definitely the only car shop on the island with 2,400 inhabitants. As you can see, VW Alderney has sold 200 cars in those 7 years.                                                        So no. There is no car dealership in Alderney. Probably an agile representative from GBJ or GBG will give them a VW weekend, etc.

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