It will rain, tears will fall in Prague. So over.

Sleepy Sunday. They are only good in Nice, a little Cannes. Suffering everywhere else.

At this time, Lp are linked to those banks, clinics, law firms and luxury stores. Normal tourism practically does not exist. Otherwise it would pass the FIN caravan. Today 2 more week points: N and SLO.

Here at GE, the (only in the world) law firm is involved in handing over remuneration fees. So if you knew where bin Laden was hiding and told the United States, which I guess rewarded, I guess $ 20 million, you wouldn’t go to the White House for a bag full of money, but this law firm would arrange the entire handover.

GE Woche mit 51 (+7) Länder. Anstatt BY, MNE, IRL, FIN- GBA, GBM, Q…Best Ergebniss seit 10 Wochen.

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