If Nice, then on Sunday

Today, the MC would just demolish, liquidate, clean up. That would be sad. So Nice.

I haven’t looked out yet and other expeditions. Mali.

I’m going along the Promenade and suddenly it occurred to me. Check that vertical street. And when I was on the middle island, something told me. Stay here. So I parked my bike, etc. and the USA, New York. There was nothing better today. This is a workshop! This is a car repair shop! In MC at Ferrari or Mc Laren, the guys in decent overalls, in particular, talk to each other, and especially twice a day, everything is exported and then transported back. This operation alone takes up to 1 hour.

I hear a demonstration rumble from a side street. I say to myself. Eric Zemmour has arrived. Something like that. Especially don’t let France ruin it this time !!!

I’m fully joining. Stop fanaticism, stupidity, political correctness,propaganda, intimidating and dishonoring people with a different opinion, intimidation, lack of freedom of speech.
Yes resistance, freedom!


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