The famous 90th Rallye Monte Carlo has started

Sebastian Loeb was still in Saudia on Sunday. He finished second overall at the Dakar Rallye behind the invincible Nassir al Atyah. He’s still brown. And now from the sand to the alpine ice.                                                                                                                                           

That skinny I.Galmiche is the new co-driver. Daniel Elena (MC), a long-time colleague with whom they won everything in the world, is probably too hard at the WRC. Well, the new one definitely has 40 kg less and you already know it. D.E. here in the photo from RMC historique February 2020.

During a tour of the port, I also met Ott Tänak. Hyundai team star.

Barriers and zones were already being created on the Place. Entry has already been banned. So queues formed at the crossroads. So I sat there so something would go. Algier drove, but it was just off.

At 17.30, they sent a whole twelve WRC cars. As it turned out, they were an hour and a half ahead of the others at the Paris Hotel.

As I suspected the start was scattered in many zones. At least the overall view. I was assigned to a relatively prestigious tribune with Russian MC residents. But I didn’t enjoy it (advanced spotter).
Otherwise, a huge number of people came to Monaco. They escorted cars to the track. Incredible misfortune befell Camilli. 300 m after the start, they could go downhill without an engine, something went wrong. The car behind the car overtook them.

From time immemorial, rally world champions have been Scandinavians. Before they came Sebastian Loeb and now Sebastian Ogier.
Loeb won 77 WRC rallies, 8 times in MC and 9 times he was world champion.                       

For Bahrain x ride and Red Bull only half an hour behind the invincible Attija in the desert. I wonder how after 14 days of total commitment in the desert and 4 days of “rest” and in 48 years he will drive a new Ford. They have my sympathies.


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