Car chart and another mystery

Jensen Healey premieres. I have never seen. Ani Jensen Interceptor. I would like to.

About 5 AND today. There were days when there was nothing.

Lp until evening. RSM.  Lamborghini Diablo.

In the first moment F / USA. Then I see the 4th number. I’m flying the globe. Ukraine. What a surprise in the end. It is next to the Fairmont Hotel. BG. No, for me UA.



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3 Responses to Car chart and another mystery

  1. Hadri45 says:

    Yes, AP 5593 II is from Ukraine.

    • materazzi says:

      Thanks a lot. UA (a great friend of the USA and the EU) introduces itself to us.
      Don’t you know when the ship from KSA with Dakar 2022 will arrive in Marseille?

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