Go to Nice, but don’t wait for Lp

Woche überraschend viel  50 (+5). Ausser NMK alles dabei.

Until Saturday. The most typical cast of supercars (more than 50%) is male 70, female 20. And it’s clear that 50 didn’t go. In Nice there are about 4 supercars a day. 3 of which MC. On weekdays, only 1. I would very much like to see a list of cars in the MC. Incredible gems rest in the underground, which come out only once a year, for example.So 20% is a alone female 20-30 years. MC, together with Japan, has the highest life expectancy. 92 years. Monaco Matin recently reported the 39th and 40th victims of the covid. Men 92 and 101 years old. .

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