The rallye has arrived.

266 cars, the same number of support. She brought 3x Japan, 2 years premiere, old Sweden, red IRL  blog premiere, Ford Cortina, participant of the London-Sydney Marathon etc. Those were the times. I remembered how insanely unhappy I was that they had missed CS. Those were the times of motorismus, as they say in our country. Welcome to the world of batteryism.


Everything will go to my favorite Valence on saturday morning. There they will roam in the mountains until Tuesday, when they return to MC.
264 B Ivar Aage KOREN Bjarne Storaa norwegian Rally Drivers Club 2 these are my heroes. Austin A 40 from 1961. As the owner bought it at the time, so is it.

The Japanese arrived alone with masks. But they drove like that before. The old Toyotas has been upgraded by Toyota Gazoo Racing. They take care of history as is customary in Japan.

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