MC: License plate of Liberia

Liberia LB , blog Premiere as 117th states and 83th 2021 (2020=82)                                          Apparently it’s not a CD, but tempor with a CD. See this photo from LB.


Notice how much the French Christmas dinner costs. There is a price tag.
The first NMK on the tour.                                                                                                                   

Monaco has the second highest  population per m². Surprisingly, it is the most empty city. Without traditional Christmas rushes and queues. They check vaccinations at the Christmas markets – so they are empty. From the whole MC, this is the last place I would like to see.                                                                                                                                                  Otherwise, the MC introduced the following measures in the first days of covid: masks everywhere. And Mc Donalds closed. Nothing has changed since almost 2 years. In winter in summer. Only when France introduced the terrible curfews did the MC always have an hour +.
CZ changed the measures about 23,457 times at that time.

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