African year confirmed

I spilled coffee on a sacred marble table (and soiled it) around which F1 heroes have been flying for decades. Then he took care of the birds until a beautiful expedition landrover FL with a very low two-line Lp passed by. So the mood slowly started to leave me. I returned to the game when an NL truck called out to me, “Where’s the Monaco Logistics Center?” I call: “Fontivielle” and wave my hand back. He slapped his forehead, it was clear to him now. I tell myself, a reward could come for a good deed.

And I haven’t forgotten about Fontivielle. Deep into the pit, deep underground, where again, despite the polite glances, they are probably not glad that I discovered them. And there …!!! The owner by the car. I dare to take 2 pictures and disappear up. In daylight, I take off my mask, I need air, to exhale all this                                                                                   After BW, CI, BF just…Year 2021 better than 2020!

It’s going to rain tomorrow – so nothing will happen. See you tomorrow with…                                                                                                                  And the rain washes the spilled coffee.

Church of Sainte Dévote, the oldest and most sacred place in Monaco. From the 10th century.

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