Today is a tough holiday

A downpour arrived today. At 14 the radar announces the end. In MC, everything is still in deep decline. Mainly that the rain washed the table.                                                                       It’s so empty it’s mystical. I imagine they’re all done with covid, and the abandoned yachts, cars, buildings are left.
The right time to go see the park.                                                                                                      Nothing could happen better than a Czech colleague arriving. So we had a lot of time to break everything down. He was also on F1. Photos, but I had better content and technique. He rolls me over what he brought. Behind the Range Rover, he has a trailer and all these amazing two-wheelers and tricycles on it. But in the end I pulled out a joker. I have a remote-controlled tail light. So I really got him.

It was a warm, balmy evening like in the Czech Republic in the summer.

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