Today flood and fire at the same time

The GE center was flooded with trade unions and it was still raining all day. I was ready for it, so I visited the garages along the edge.                                                                                         

It’s full of logical things here. A green light glows above the vacant ones, occupied by a red one. My closet lights up for a photocell. I also use it in such a way that when I get up at night I just wave and don’t have to look for a light switch. I also got a taste for beer on the way back after a short evening visit to the center. That’s how I stop by our gas station. and what a surprise. In CZ there are exhibition halls of alcohol and nothing here. Alcohol and beer are not sold. Absolutely logical!                                                                                              How  difference between parking Prague and GE- such a difference in guests. PRG only on weekends alcohol raids from those to death boring German cities on the border- here …

The famous, famous times of Geneva.
Traditional spring car show. The most important car show of car times. Today they did a car show in Munich. There were exclusively e-cars. Yet around a violent demonstration. I am absolutely happy at what times I lived. Without reservation, only here and in MC you feel good.                                                                                                                                                     Geneva Motor Show 2017. Last time. I’m glad I still experienced it. On the last day at 19, all the cars that were there the horns rang . I think I am….

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