On a wave of euphoria. From everything.

In the fog to shop in nearby Balexert. At noon the fog dissolved, the bike sped off. IRL- first on tour. MC, the only common of the ministates.                                                                   

Kazachstan KZ, after my Guernsey GBG.                                                                         

I was just taking off my jacket, so I was in a straitjacket: Algier DZ, the first new 2021. 

The evening is approaching, but it is still increasing. I don’t mind too much, he passes the MA. At 18 I return the bike and take a look at the garage. San Marino RSM. Formerly the price of consolation, now a spectacular catch.                                                                               38 States today. Without LV, UA, BIH, MK. All new. This is Genéve.

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