Sterile center. More than ever.

USAs, rare Arizona                                                                                                                                                                        

Lewis Hamilton has returned to his roots. When they held secret races around London. He also ended up in supersport then as Max Verstappen now. In civilian life, attempted murder and multimillion-dollar damage is a harsh punishment. At Silverstone, however, the commissioners gave a politically correct 10 sec. penalty !!!!!!
The German press was also disgusted by the ensuing celebrations when the opponent was in the hospital.
What about Mercedes? He was lucky the victim was not Chinese. They would mass demolish Mercedes and return orders, as Apple or Nike have experienced in the past.

Recently, the very strange country of GB celebrated Freedom Day. But it was not a day of freedom of people and life. But Freedom Day for virus.
NL made the more elegant solution. Instead of a lockdown, one of Europe’s most infected populations was sent en masse to Europe.

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