The strong four (D, PL, NL, DK) make up 98% of all tourists.

50% of hotels, mainly those oriented to the USA, CHN, J, ROK… and group stays remain closed. Those who were oriented at least had a lot at least on the weekend. But only visitors from four countries.

Monaco, Prague and a four-year-old boy have appeared in the media all over the world. An Armenian living permanently in Prague with an MC residency handed over car keys from bentley in front of the Hotel de Paris. His son sat unnoticed behind the wheel and stepped on the gas. A Belgian guest finished under the back wheels. Subsequently, at the hospital in Nice. Even this can happen in the safest city in Europe.  ( car on the week in PRG)           

You cannot park yourself on the Place du Casino. You must hand over the keys of car to the porter’s  with the appropriate banknote (the best profession in the world !!!). They then decide according to the luxury of your car whether you end up in front of the entrance or in a row or in an underground garage.
They are the only ones who have matured for this system in Top Gear. They arrived in front of the entrance with a Ford T. For an hour, the hotel attendants tried to take the car away. Without any results. It stood still in the morning.

Woche 44 (-1). Ich denke alles dabei aber auch nicht besonders.

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