PRG: the highest incidence of North American LPs in Europe

Canada CDN, rare Alberta , USAs                                                                                        

Tornado aid concert, homeless people on their way to vacation and on their way home. I do not agree with the form, but the political content does. (TOP 09- probrussel servile party)

School trip in Dubai.
Where else than to 1km high Burdz al Khalifa. Even before the bus left, the children boasted how much money they had in their wallets. Our teacher just rolled her eyes. Some had a day more than her monthly salary. The observation deck must be reached through the Dubai Mall – a gigantic temple of consumption. Right at the door, the children scattered and the teacher just prayed that the 8-year-olds would not do anything. She then found them in fast foods with trays loaded with so much food, mainly sweets that they could consume about 10%. She then found the girls at Louis Vuitton, where they bought their mother’s handbags en masse. This is how the whole appointed time went.
In the evening, she waited anxiously for news from her mothers that they had not even gone up. About 6 came. All similar. Thank you for a nice trip. Only our children said they had little time for shopping and food.

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