It’s not going to get any better

Kazachstan KZ                                           Emirates UAE Abu Dhabi ,new lp                   GE export and more                                                                                                              

This is Italy! Chiellini (I) grazes the deadly pale Alba (E) before shooting penalties in the semifinals of the European Championships.
Hard to choose now. ENG, DK, but I probably wish Italy the most.

I don’t know what the heads of state thought. Covid occupies a place as the Taliban in Afghanistan. GR closes bars, SK borders, J stadiums (80% of Japanese did not want the Olympics), 10% of FIN football fans returned from Petersburg infected.
So enjoy. Thanks to all this, Lockdown will come soon and will be tough.
CZ does not have to be afraid. Nobody goes to Prague. Hotel occupancy is 10%. But 50% have not opened at all yet. At least you can go downtown.

Just read. Czech teacher married in the UAE for AUS. So A.D. is such a European CH. Richer than Dubai, higher earnings, a conservative, financial center. And Dubai is such an Amsterdam. Circus for tourists. I did not know.

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