Catch what wasn’t even supposed to be

Kazachstan KZ, normally I go to -3 exceptionally. And if -2 is empty, not at all. But this time something led me there. On an empty floor  KZ. And  nice driver told me in Russian how angry he was with the key to opening the door and starting. So he should have been gone.                                                                                                                                          CZ a la Sweden.

The worst country in the world.
Blanka, CZ teacher in the UAE: her husband once took her on holiday to Thailand on the island of Pattaya. Dirt, rats, vomit and lots of 12-year-old prostitutes.
Tomáš Poláček, CZ traveler around the world: Democratic Republic of Congo, the heart of darkness.
Jeremy Clarkson: Bolivia.

Gute Woche, nach langer Zeit mehr im Zentrum, als auf P10. 45 (+2). Kein MNE.

Jeremy Clarkson writes in one of his books that the greatest happiness one can encounter is to be born Italian. I agree. I don’t care how much it costs to eat, but experiencing the feeling of pride is priceless. I was also proud of the Czech boys, friends, the team fighting for our little miserable country, which ended up in the hell of Baku.                                      England was left with only the price of consolation- European champions in kneeling and a lot of questions.

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