Mexico and Rally Istanbul-Prague

Mexico MEX, 2021 Premiere as 74th                                                                                 

Onel1fe Rally with Maltas , “RUS “person (Johny), L ala GBG and Indrek know F7…     

The transportation of goods from China by truck is growing dramatically. Shipping and ports are collapsing. CHN trucks take him to a monster transshipment yard to KZ and from there he goes to Europe. Already 2 Czech companies are cooperating. Unfortunately, there are 7 day waiting times at the CHN / KZ border.

Woche mit 43 (+-0) Länder. Kein IRL. 

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2 Responses to Mexico and Rally Istanbul-Prague

  1. OndraCZF says:

    Thank you for info about One life rallye!

    • materazzi says:

      You’re welcome. I still owe you. If I hadn’t discovered the 8 Malta in the center and given you the news, I wouldn’t have gotten to the parking lot at the finish. So thanks too.

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