Truck town – San Bonifacio

Today it came to us. As if there was a detour or lockout. So I couldn’t go to the bridge. It is about 100m. Rage, crazy pace. I lasted about 10 minutes. But the image did not leave me. Our central parking lot is empty. Traditionally, I rested in my beautiful room in the afternoon, and in the early evening I packed up and bought a weekly ticket to San Bonifacio.                                                                                                                                                 

So this is a regional train to Venice. Then you will not see this in Germany or Switzerland!   

S.Bonifacio is almost a village. And look what a megastore they have. Pizza, pan au chocolat, coca-cola zero and 200g delicious ice cream = 4.95. Cash register with zero waiting time.

A test of courage.
At S.Bonifacio Station, either an express train or a freight train at ferrari pace passes without stopping in 2 minutes. Do not exceed the “la linea gialla” voice station amplion continuously. The line is about half a meter from the train. So get up there and imagine that a screw flies out of that wagoon flying 180. I rested back.

30 countries. Not LV,EST,RUS,B,L…

Here’s proof that something is wrong. Photo left from November 2020. The extreme stripes called tangenzielle are full. And today?

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