Close to the tour record- 38

They eat it again in VR. After lunch Linguine al Pesto- this pesto is down (then it’s all green) it stretched a bit – so to the SB. It wouldn’t be possible to stand in the sun.                        So it made me happy! F1 Safety cars on the way to MI- Malpensa. From there to the Bahrain GP. I admit that I did not realize why he rides first. Fortunately, this time there was no language barrier.                                                                                                                          RKS TIR alltime premiere                                                                                                                       For about 4 hours I checked both sides of the parking lot and headed to Venice. Huge number of states, even larger lp. In the end, only MNE, RSM, N and all the better were missing. Personal only CH. CY maybe coming to VR-junction from a port in the south.

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