The third premiere in a row in Nice

Here on the Promenade it’s like being in the middle of a highway. I wasn’t paying attention at all. Small lp in front and normal Malta in the back, guys with BMW.  I always stood at the busy intersection with Boulevard Gambetta. At least there was a red light. This year, to my great astonishment, they turned this busy street into a Boulevard of buses and bicycles.                                                                                                                                                                                RSM are just here. Not even in MC! And it has always been a common lp. They are sitting there locked on a hill in RSM.
And the GB Islands will only release those who promise not to return.
That is an exaggeration. They didn’t even ride last year.

Heute noch 6 aus Nice (BY,MD,RSM,M,IRL,TN) ,so sehr gute Ergebniss 50 (-1). Nicht MK und N.

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