Isle of Guernsey. But at the last minute.

Before noon. The second valley to the only bridge over the A8. So 350 meters above sea level. In Ventimiglia it is at sea level and then only rises. At MC it’s already 400. And the peak is probably somewhere above Eze. Bridge, tunnel, bridge …                                               

1.E, 2.SLO. 3x MA. With Menton 30 states. After 1 hour down and a rest program for the rest of the day.

                                               High speed power shuttle catamaran Monaco One is here.   Whatever is new, revolutionary, unique, terribly expensive in the world, whether it is a car or something else – then you will never see it or you see it in Monaco.                                                                         

I was just sitting on the bench. Still dirty passing through Europe.                                              Isle of Guernsey GBG (0770- these are the ones from the auction with 0 in front) next premiere 2021.

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