Everything essential at 10 meters: Liban and Mc Elva

After yesterday, I enjoyed the friendliness of Monaco. Of the 2km2, I usually move in the lower one. And there, every few hundred meters, I have the opportunity to eat, have coffee, go to the toilet and be safe. This is not a matter of course everywhere. When I reached the underground and there was bustle. Mc Laren imported the entire truck, including technicians. And the 2 best ones already inside. I missed it in minutes. Immediately around 2x Mc Laren Elva Hypercar (basically 1.8 million USD) airtight wall.                   

So I go to the AS stadium for the toilet and buy coffee. And I’m carrying it and I’m just completely empty and Range Rover, which I evaluated as KSA. Well, I went around it, came back for a cold coffee. Nothing. After a while, I tell myself that I’ll go down what ‘s going on around the supercars. Well, there were visits, honors. So I went upstairs and I can’t believe my eyes. White Range Rover, no KSA, Lebanon RL, 2 years premiere.                                                    Entrance to the MC underground.

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