Refreshment in the mountains

How treacherous the maps are here. It was 295 m to the only bridge, but across a deep abyss. 2 cyclists came from here all the time. Both of the World tour teams. Jumbo Visma and Mitchelton-Scott.                                                                                                                            Pleased TR (1.2021) and MA with I trailer. Otherwise it was cold above, the sun was breaking through the clouds. At 13, I’m down in Menton for coffee. 23 countries.

I’m already in Cipriani for lunch. I started to like RR. The weight doesn’t matter here either. Almost 4t. You know how bus there is such a quiet ride. The red lines are painted directly by the man with the strongest hand in the world. Top Gear was there. Who is not 25 and mainly wants comfort, so rolls is definitely a sensible choice.                                        Chloe Green was at lunch. He worked with a new guy. She doesn’t have that model anymore. Not even a Mirror knows about it. The last time he writes about a young Italian on a yacht. But it wasn’t him. I was looking for the 2m guy and I still thought I knew the girl from somewhere. When the door slammed … so. All right. I people – it’s not clear to me – I certainly wouldn’t want to be a paparazzo. Her dad went to the yacht in tracksuits during the week, and I met him as he went back. And I left him alone.                                     

And it ended the evening with a planned rain. Very high state this week. An attempt at a record tomorrow? Daily and weekly?

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