Bahrain, Saudia, Gibraltar, Mc P1…

The most typical. Catch for lunch. Bahrain Export                                                                      

The underground is not some kind of garage. That’s min. 50m in underground. KSA and Mc Laren P1. Clarkson during a test at the Spa the moment the film turns into super slow motion shot: “This car will dig a hole in space and time”.                                                                             

I’m returning from the border across the Place d´Armes. It’s so nostalgic. It’s II. the largest square. Then there’s the Place des Moulins and that’s it. Suddenly  GBZ. Against the sun. But he stopped. In MC, it doesn’t matter where you are. Something can appear everywhere.                                                                                                                                             

It has been working for 3 years day and night. Rattle and dust. The sum must be astronomical. I can’t understand that the apartments that arise – they will pay these costs. It was supposed to be a small island. No way. MC will increase its area by 10%?               

It all flooded somehow. Or will the island be created artificially?

Place d´Armes is the center of La Condamine. It is the only normal neighborhood where MC citizens live. The normal ones, the deserving ones on La Rocher hill in front of the prince’s palace. Well, those 33% (so many are in MC € millionaires) in new projects with so-called residents.                                                                                                                                    On one of my first trips, I arrived at the Hotel de France (not Paris) by mistake the day before. Full everywhere. It was the famous Circus Festival. And so they put me completely on the roof, there are probably auxiliary forces living there in the summer. And in the morning this look awaited me. In the center of La Condamine, in the narrowest street as in the photo from Place d´Armes.                                                                                                               


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2 Responses to Bahrain, Saudia, Gibraltar, Mc P1…

  1. raphael says:

    63379 is most probably a Bahrain export plate. Better than Abu Dhabi.

    • materazzi says:

      Yeah, it will. He was far away before I put down the fork. UAE car didn’t fit. But the BRN didn’t occur. Agreement. It is a Bahrain export! And I wait every day if BRN comes again after the new year as in the previous year.
      Thank you raphael!

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