The mystery of Nice clarified

MC 15.30. I don’t have a well-loaded bike and nothing happens at all. I’d rather spend it on the train. I’m going to N-St. Augustine. It is a short walk from the airport. Mood not much. I expect an insurmountable problem at the entrance.                                                                     

I will intuitively do the best I have. I’m handing an ID card. Behind her I get as blue as the cover on her. And they ask me (probably) without a car? Great, great relief! Beetle in the head, what if another BW is away. Absolutely satisfied, I’m going to the terminal to Chez Jean (I always go there) for a great coffee. There are 6 flights on the departure schedule for the rest of the day , everything inside F.                                                                                           

The battery stays level and the journey is getting better. Up to magnificent. The space, the freedom of 6km to run non-stop. Today Nice (unplanned) grandiose.

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