To change Nice

The first path traditionally leads to the Russian Cathedral. I couldn’t resist today. There were blueberries inside. But the old days, when up to 17 states were present and around the supply of traders (smugglers) from PL, RO, UA – it is not a coincidence yet.                   

Traditionally amazed upon arrival. Such an occurrence of foreign cars right on the street is nowhere else. Finally 30. BIH– first on the tour.                                                                             

But Aeroporte! Only empty P areas and halls. Garbage and fallen leaves. Here you will realize what the situation really is. I was distressed.
But when you leave on the  Cargo! Inaccessible – everything closed today. Finally, I lean towards the US paper tempor. And you?                                                                                           

Relativ gute Woche ohne Cannes. 45 (-2). 3 noch von Nice: N, BIH, MD(hier4).              Diesmal nicht SLO (sehr lange schon) u. MK. 

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