MC: normal day. But there was a share.

Who doesn’t know, carp are sold on the streets in CZ. This is a disgusting fish, full of small bones, living in the mud of Czech ponds. They are sold live on the street from vats and are killed on the spot. Blood, splashes, severed heads. And at 15, life stops MC: normal day. But there was a share. The media will start broadcasting carols and wishes. Until the night. And people overeat and then …                                                                                                         

Great day for car spotters. Ford GT. For us Gibraltar II. , RSM. But the main thing has yet to come.                                                                                                                                         

His Majesty Koenigsegg One. 1360 PS, speed well over 400, cost almost 7 million USD, only 6 on the world.

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