Holiday calm

Up to 15 absolute calm. I only met 1 swimmer. You could take pictures in the tunnel. Normally 2 streams roll and I can’t dodge to the left. Sports cars roar more than air turbines on the ceiling and drip from the ceiling. There are also new tunnels. this is the oldest. it will be centuries. The predicted storm came in the afternoon. Even hail fell. My hiding place under the bridge at Jackie Stewart. And I was looking forward to a dramatic sunset. And he was.                                                                                                                           

So I’d rather go to Menton. Good idea. 5 more states. TN, TR … Finally surprising 32.       

I’m watching L’Equipe on the 1998 France-Italy World Cup record. Apart from our French friends, no one probably knows how it will turn out. It is extending.

0: 0. It was getting longer. Also nothing. Penalty. In the 5th series, Roberto Baggio hit the crossbar. France won.

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