Happy country of Monaco

Only today did I begin to feel that I was unlocking from Czech reality and beginning to merge with that beauty, satisfaction, order, luxury, comfort, security. You lp is just a bonus.
It’s a miracle to enjoy all this. Merge with it. Become a part of it.                                             

I was sitting on a wall in a bend at the Fairmont Hotel. From above, the spotter ran so madly that he couldn’t avoid the little boy until they collided. So I got up slowly and here is the result in front of the best restaurant in MC-Cipriani.                                                             

You can’t hide from LT trucks even in MC. Did you know that this Girteka is the largest truck company in Europe?                                                                                                                   

At lunch, as it always burns in the harbor, I just got dressed and California. Then I can see the Range Rover from a great black mark (GBG) from a distance, so I got ready, but it didn’t run out of the ring. At the same time, 90% of others do. But with the evening the catches came. Gibraltar GBZ. And the scary Mc Laren Saudia KSA.                                    

There is nothing like this. We spew hundreds of laws and regulations that no one obeys. In the previous line you can see how the MC police on the scooter caught two teenagers without a mask. They solved it for half an hour. The whole school will be informed again tomorrow. Prosperity is growing from order.
That’s why life here is normal. That’s why I have this beautiful day.

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